Rap VS Rock ft. The Five Horsemen, Alaska Thunder Funk, & Snarley Brown


July 21, 2017

10:00 pm

North Long Bar

Join us for a special night of 80's Rap vs. Rock featuring a new supergroup called The Five Horsemen, which is made up of Enzo Montana from Decepticide, Mike Fox from Cain Vs. Abel, Kevin Stevenson from Decepticide, Mark Burcell from Glass Halo, and Brandon Ballin from Shifter. They will be playing all of your favorite 80's rock and thrash songs. Then the amazing Alaska Thunder Funk will be playing all of your favorite 80's rap/rock songs. Rounding out the night will be Snarley Brown who will be doing some 80's hip hop. Come dressed up in your best 80's gear for your chance to win some fun prizes!

don't miss out!